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App functions

MagicScout is the tool for the crop professional!

Structure your field observations to make better decisions. Save time by identifying causes of damage in seconds and automate your field rounds with MagicTrap.


MagicScout at a glance:

  • Connection to your MagicTrap
  • Identification of weeds and diseases with image recognition
  • Photo analysis of yellow traps
  • Agricultural weather 2.0 with spray weather recommendations
  • Clear field profiles as a supplement to your field card index

// Identify problems: With integrated image recognition, you can identify weeds and diseases quickly and easily. You can also analyze pests in your yellow trays. In seconds you have documented the causes of damage in your field - even without an internet connection.

// Analyze agricultural weather: With Agrarwetter 2.0 you can now better understand how your crops are developing, what is stressing them and when you should react. MagicScout calculates ideal spraying windows for you and will soon offer analysis of historical weather data.

// Generate field profile: MagicScout generates a clear field profile for you so that you have all the relevant information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Questions like "Have I had this weed in this location in the last few years?" or "What are the stressors in my field?" are a thing of the past.

// Automate field walks: Always wanted to monitor your crops remotely? With the MagicTrap smart insect trap, you can be in the field at all times without being in the field. Connect your digital yellow trap with MagicScout to react even more optimally to pest influxes.

// Click here for an introductory video of the MagicScout app!

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