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License management: upgrade, cancel, pause

// License upgrade or downgrade

In the event that you want to reorder MagicTraps and need the next higher license, or perhaps even use fewer Traps and want to downgrade, you can easily do this via your profile on the website under "Change plan".


// Cancel or pause your license
Your subscription is automatically renewed annually on the order date. You will receive a reminder email from us before renewal.

If you no longer use your MagicTrap, you can cancel your license at any time. To do this, use the "Cancel plan" function.

If you want to pause your license, for example because there is no oilseed rape in your crop rotation, you must also cancel the plan first.

After canceling, you can select the "Extend plan" function in your profile at any time. This will reactivate your license.





1. Open your profile (log in with your e-mail address)

Profil aufrufen.png


2. Change/cancel license plan

Lizenz verwalten 2.png

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