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I can't share my trap

You can find out how to share your trap with other people here.


If it doesn't work, there are three things you can check:


// Make sure that the process has been saved correctly

  • Click on the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner. Under "Manage MagicTrap" you will see the accounts that have already been unlocked for the corresponding trap.
  • Also check that the account with which the other person is logged into the MagicScout app has been entered.

manage traps share.jpg



// Note that the email address is case-sensitive

If the email address is"", the trap cannot be shared under"".


// Make sure that the other person has the latest MagicScout app version installed

  • In order for invited persons to have access to your trap, they must be using app version 1.51.4 or newer.
  • The invitation is not sent by email, but appears directly in the app.



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